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Mythology and Folklore 09/19/2011


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Mythology and Folklore is out! http://bit.ly/kofyj1 ▸ Top stories today via @myvampfiction @genelempp @simonaanja @quippdculture


Mythology and Folklore 08/14/2011

Native american flute

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Mythology and Folklore is out! http://t.co/3mE3ag3 ▸ Top stories today via @wanttobwriter @mystbritain @foxvalleyspirit @seriable

Living in Other Countries


While I have not lived or even traveled widely outside the country of my birth, I would consider living in another country.


Although I have never lived outside the country in which I was born, the United States of America, one of the countries I would consider living in is Canada. One of my considerations would be familiarity, since Canada is one of only two countries outside my native country that I have even visited, albeit only once. Another consideration would be culture, based on the shared history of the United States and Canada. A third consideration would be language, since English, my native language, is spoken in both countries. These are not my only considerations, but they are primary for me in any consideration of immigration.

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